Over a 100 year period, the emission of a given amount of

Employers began officially requesting cover letters from job candidates in the late 1950s as the nation transitioned to a service based economy, according to The Atlantic. Workers had to demonstrate interpersonal skills, and a cover letter was a better way to showcase that than a simple resume. By the 1990s, there was full out cover letter hysteria with self help guides for writing cover letters flooding bookstores.

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We saw other examples of the excitement for chips that power self driving cars. The stock price of NVIDIA (NVDA), which makes critical hardware for autonomous vehicles, more than tripled during 2016. Industry giant Intel (INTC) said in November it would invest $250 million in autonomous driving, including developing chips and software to power the cars..

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replica celine handbags There’s still far less total methane in the atmosphere than there is carbon dioxide (whose concentrations are now above 400 parts permillion) but molecule for molecule, methane packs a much stronger punch. Over a 100 year period, the emission of a given amount of methane is about 28 times as powerful when it comes to global warming as the emissions of an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide (even though the methane doesn’t stay around for that long of a time period). Environmentalist, you may be tempted to attribute the news about spiking celine outlet store california atmospheric methane levels to the strong growth in domestic oil and gas drilling in the past decade. replica celine handbags

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