“As we have reported, Johnson served in the Army Reserve from

Reuters said on Wednesday first quarter revenue was 626 million pounds ($1.25 billion), compared with 633 million pounds a year ago.Underlying revenue growth, which strips out the impact of acquisitions and disposals and is stated in constant exchange rates, was 6.5 percent, compared with 4 percent a year ago.The company Core Plus growth strategy contributed 15 million pounds, or two percentage points, to revenue growth. New revenue came from electronic trading, sales of data products and new initiatives in consumer media, China and India.Analysts had been expecting first quarter revenue of about 625 million pounds on a constant currency basis and underlying revenue growth of 6.1 percent.Chief Executive Tom Glocer said the first quarter revenue performance was bolstered by a record month in January.was the best month in net sales terms since we started keeping data in this form in 1994, certainly the best in my era, he told reporters in a conference call.Reuters booked 47 percent of its revenue in dollars during the first quarter, a period during which the dollar weakened by 12 percent against sterling.Numis Securities analysts said they were now factoring in a sterling dollar rate of $2.00, rather than $1.95, and trimmed their 2007 pretax profit forecast by 10 million pounds to 305 million pounds as a result.Finance Director David Grigson said he was uncomfortable with current exchange rate levels. Have reiterated our guidance again and clearly we are doing that against a backdrop of two dollars to the pound, he added.Glocer said Reuters was positioned to deliver on its full year expectations.

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